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MMS Consultants opened for business in 1975. The “MMS” in our name represents the initials of founders: Engineer Robert Mickelson, Surveyor Ron Meyer, and Landscape architect Larry Schnittjer. Success in those early years was fueled by the loyalty of a small group of clients, the partners' ability to work well together as a team and the fact that they genuinely cared about the projects they were given. That caring is reflected in the MMS logo, lovingly hand-drawn by Larry Schnittjer. We keep that logo to this day as a constant reminder of how much of themselves each of the partners put into their new venture.

The partners hired well and kept their simple approach alive, finding people who truly loved their work and had the ability to put project before ego and be part of a cohesive and collegial team. MMS has a long history of folks who simply get along, genuinely caring about their fellow workers and pitching in when we're face with large, difficult projects and tight deadlines.

We believe that's why we still have those first clients forty years later and more than 10,000 more over the years without wandering far from home. It's allowed us to complete nearly 40,000 projects in our own backyard.

There are nearly forty of us now with an average employee tenure over 12 years. We are lead by principals Ronald Amelon, Kelly Beckler, Jim Lichty, Randy Williams, Luke Newton, Scott Pottorff, and Jon Marner. Each has been with MMS for most of their career and all for at least 15 years.

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What is MMS?

MMS Consultants, Inc. provides professional civil engineering and land surveying services — from simple property surveys to complete design and construction management. Since 1975, the firm has successfully completed nearly 40,000 municipal improvement and private land development projects throughout Eastern Iowa.

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