We Are Committed to Technology

MMS Consultants’ founders understood that new technologies would change the way engineering services were delivered, improve efficiency and allow MMS to provide better service to our clients. MMS Consultants was among the first to introduce many technologies to the Eastern Iowa market. From drones to 3D printing, we continue to dedicate time to researching the lastest technology to determine ways to provide you with better, faster and more cost effective service.

Tech_sidebar2.jpgIn the 1980s, we were one of the first engineering firms in Eastern Iowa to adopt Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software. The addition of this technology allowed for better integration of MMS Consultants’ drafting with the work of our design partners. By having our drawings in electronic formats, we could quickly make changes and reduce the overall time it took to complete projects.

Trimble GPS Surveying equipmentIn the 1990s, MMS Consultants was one of the first engineering and survey firms to adopt GPS survey equipment and offer the technology to our clients. This allowed our crews to complete survey projects faster and with fewer discrepancies. In addition, MMS Consultants was able to provide more accurate descriptions of project sites for the design and construction teams. This reduced costly changes during construction.

Today, we continue the vision of our founders by using technology to improve our services. We have, for example, invested in digital scanners, computer rendering software and total stations surveying equipment. Along with new equipment and software, we offer continuous training to our employees so every engineer and staff member is knowledgeable and ready to assist our clients.

As the design and construction industry continues to evolve and leverage new technologies, you can trust MMS Consultants will be on the leading edge of mastering these tools and providing our clients with the benefits they bring.

CAD Rendering
CAD rendering

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