Alyssa Goes to Washington

Read about Landscape Architect Alyssa Tullar's trip to Wastington, DC as a part of the Association of Landscape Architects' Day of Advocacy.

Alyssa meets with Rep. Loebsack Alyssa's group waits to meet with Sen. Grassley's staff Alyssa & friends await Sen. Ernst staffer

(May 2, 2017) - Landscape architecture accounts for 14 percent of U.S. total revenue for architectural services. There are approximately 16,400 licensed landscape architects in the United States. To identify yourself as a “landscape architect”, you must be licensed in all 50 states. 47 states require a license to practice as a landscape architect.

That said, advocacy for the profession is considered one of the larger tasks faced by the Association of Landscape Architects. If that seems incongruous, consider it a reflection of the times. Requiring licensure smacks of regulation and the current zeitgeist deems regulation detrimental to growth and progress. When it comes to funding, the ‘landscape,’ if you will, can seem similarly bleak. The same driving forces that seek to defund things like the National Endowment for the Arts in favor of budget items that are considered more ‘practical’ tend to disregard or downplay the value landscape architecture brings to sustaining functional infrastructure.

All of this explains why ASLA supports an annual Advocacy Day. On that day, members dedicate time and effort to promoting the need for licensure and well as advocating for water & stormwater management, transportation planning and design, community design, and small business growth.

We had a member of the MMS team join the effort in Washington, D.C. this year. MMS Landscape Architect Alyssa Tullar spent time at the capitol meeting with legislators and their representatives about these important issues. We’re proud of her efforts and appreciate the energy she dedicates to making the profession all it can be.

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