Coralville Master Planning

Info about MMS' work on the Coralville West Land Master Plan


(3/30/2016) - The new West Land Use Area Master Plan for Coralville is top of mind for MMS Consultants right now, as we have several projects there already in the design phase

The tract – bounded on the north and south by Forevergreen Road and Interstate 80, respectively; Interstate 380 to the west; and Coral Ridge Avenue on the east – is anticipated to be a high-growth area for the city.

The master plan sets new design guidelines for the 2,000 acres. The plan calls for a mix of residential and commercial development that honors five goals for the area: conservation, walkability, sustainability, opportunity and recreation.

“MMS and our development partners are encountering some changes, such as new setback or architecture requirements,” Vice President Duane Musser said. “It is important for developers to familiarize themselves with the new plan.”

The new master plan was completed in December 2015, and the City Council voted to adopt it in January of 2016.

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