Innovative Underground Water Storage

Iowa City's Dodge Street Hy-Vee features innovative underground stormwater detention.

Hy-Vee_Dodge8_sm.jpg(6/14/2014) - The expansion and update of the Dodge Street Hy-Vee is a major project for MMS this summer, and it poses some interesting challenges.

Hy-Vee Food Stores purchased the former Roberts Dairy property next door to the existing Hy-Vee. The dairy site comprised eight acres and had a city street – St. Clements Street – passing through it to the north. Hy-Vee has razed the dairy and has plans to build a new store and a convenience store on the property.

MMS Consultants is providing topographic surveying, construction staking, engineering design and permitting services for the project. 

Paul Anderson, PE and lead engineer on this project, explains some of the project’s features. 

“We are providing storm-water management with underground storage tanks,” Anderson said, adding that all site drainage will be directed to the tanks. “They will slowly discharge to the drainageway to the north.” 

The Contech tanks – three of them in three locations on the property -- are made of corrugated metal and have a combined capacity of about 115,800 cubic feet of water, or 866,000 gallons. 

This is not MMS’ first project using underground storage tanks for water management, but it is the first time using Contech’s product, which was recommended by Jeff Maxwell of Maxwell Construction, the project’s utilities contractor. 

“Another challenging feature of the project is the relocation of St. Clements Street,” Anderson said. 

The street is the only access route for a small cluster of homes to the north of the property. The street will be rerouted around the site to maintain access for homeowners.

“The challenge is relocating the street and the utility services for those homes,” Anderson said. “A lot of coordination will be done with that.”

A city communications tower also is located along St. Clements. “The electric power and fiber-optic communication will be replaced while providing continuous service,” Anderson said. 

The plans have been approved, and site work has begun. The project is scheduled for completion by  July 2015.

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