MMS Welcomes Keith Billick, ASLA

Billick.pngKeith Billick has officially joined the MMS Consultants' team. Keith’s 25+ years of landscape architecture, urban design and planning work range from residential design to city-wide planning and from Iowa City, Iowa to Nanjing, China. This range of project types and geographic locations has formed his perception of and approach to project design solutions. He has distilled his design philosophy down to three main criteria – People, Places and Policies. In addition to these a balance of those 3 criteria, each project Keith is involved with also aims for a balance of form vs function. In the end though, form, function, people, place or policy may prove to be more influential or important than the others.

Keith says that, "Another reality that comes with these years of experience is that budgets matter…and not just the short-term construction budget but more importantly the long-term maintenance budget. He believes that life-cycle cost matters as much as initial cost."  That's why Keith makes it a point to provide a holistic analysis of the short-term and long-term budget choices when presenting design options.

Examples of professional work include:

  • Frauenholtz-Miller Park – Iowa City
  • Lower Muscatine Landscaping – Iowa City
  • Northwest Memorial Park – Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation
  • ADA compliance renovations – Cedar Rapids
  • Linn County Park Master Plan – Linn County

Keith is the current president of the Iowa chapter of the A.S.L.A. He received his BLA from Iowa State University and completed a Masters in Urban Design at the University of Colorado-Denver.

Prior to joining MMS, Keith served as lead landscape architect for projects at Shive-Hattery and was the Director of Planning and Development Services for the city of Celina, TX.

You can learn more about Keith's approach to landscape architecture and planning by reading his blogposts at the A.S.L.A blog, "The Field,"

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