NewBoCo Summer Challenge

MMS is pleased to sponsor a series of workshops to illustrate and share engineering principles with Corridor middle schoolers.


(June 19, 2017) - It's been a fun week for a few elementary school students in Cedar Rapids! They've spent mornings exploring the ins and outs of real world engineering at the special NewBoCo Summer Challenge camps being held at the new Geonetric Building.

Caldwell2.jpgWe've been happy to sponsor the Summer Challenge and thank our own Della Caldwell for helping with the workshops. "It's a great opportunity for us to connect with kids and give them a chance to explore some of the issues that working engineers engage on the job," she says. "The kids get to see how we come up with solutions and connect the things they learn in math and science to the real world."

Beckler2.jpgMMS president, Kelly Beckler, applauds the efforts of Imagination Iowa, an initiative of Iowa Startup Accelerator, in expanding the Summer Challenge Series. "It's important that kids have a chance to experience the world in ways that expands their understanding of what's possible. These courses help them apply the things they're learning in a way that really connects with real life. And, of course, we hope some of them decide to become talented MMS engineers!"

Imagination Iowa is Iowa Startup Accelerator's nonprofit preK-12 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) initiative. You can learn more about Imagination Iowa at

You can learn more about Summer Challenge events at

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