Stone Bridge Estates

Stone Bridge EstatesStone Bridge Estates has been a booming, family-oriented residential subdivision in southeast Iowa City since 2001.

Envisioned in 10 phases, parts 1 through 7 are complete. Part 8 will be built in 2014.

With completion of the seventh addition in 2012, there were 92 lots total. The seventh addition alone was projected to house 95 people in its 9.77 acres. Before Part 7 was built, an estimated 200 people lived in the subdivision.

MMS was brought on to the project to plan, design and manage the addition, involving more than 3,000 feet of water main and sanitary sewer pipelines. The design also included plans for a walking trail and a neighborhood park.


  • Date: 2012
  • Location: Iowa City, Iowa
  • Client: Arlington Development, Inc.
  • Status: Complete

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