Form Meets Function & Stewardship

pergola.jpgLandscape architecture blends the design professions of architecture, civil engineering, urban planning and horticulture to encompass the analysis, planning, design, management and stewardship of the natural and built environment.

MMS Consultants works closely with our clients to establish a thorough understanding of their needs, desires and budgetary constraints to create quality design concepts, precise construction documents and construction layout services that position the client’s project for long-term success in the marketplace.

Let one of our licensed landscape architects take your project from concept through construction.

Contact MMS Consultants for:

  • Land development planning – Providing a bridge from a municipality’s comprehensive plan of undeveloped land to individual development projects.
  • Site planning – Designing the land for each project while integrating topography, vegetation, drainage, water, wildlife and climate to minimize  environmental impact and project cost while adding value to the site.
  • Park and recreation planning – Creating or redesigning parks and recreation areas to provide the best experience to the user while minimizing their impact on the land.


  • Graphic artwork and renderings – Color renderings and graphics enhance a project’s profile and communicate a final product more clearly to municipalities and the public.
  • Landscape/planting design – A well-designed landscape plan will take your project from ordinary to extraordinary.

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