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The simple truth is, we only succeed when every party involved in a development feels like they've won. The developer needs to achieve his or her financial goals. The jurisdiction needs to feel that the development adds value and makes citizens happy. Neighbors need to feel that the value of their property will be preserved or enhanced. All have to feel that quality of life is improved by the work we've done. In other words, when no one loses, we all win. That's always our goal.


We approach our work with focus and energy. Every project is our most important. Once we've accepted a project, it's ours from that point on. We have one of the most extensive project libraries around. We consider the documents in it to be something like our family album. That's why we will always do what it takes to get things right.


We've completed nearly 40,000 projects for more than 10,000 clients since 1975 and all of them are within 100 miles from home. We love Eastern Iowa and take great pride in the fact that we literally live with our work every day of our lives. Every thing we do affects all of us.


When a new technology make the process faster, less expensive or more accurate, MMS embraces it. We train thoroughly and adopt carefully so our clients realize the benefits of technical advancements without having to share the cost of implementation, either in time or the pain of the learning curve.

Our Team

75% of our projects are completed for returning clients or referrals. Part of the reason is the continuity that our clients experience. The average tenure of our staff is nearly 15 years. Twelve people have worked together for 20 years or more! MMS is a pretty happy place full of people who find their work fulfilling and rewarding. 

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MMS has one of the largest survey crews in Eastern Iowa. Our crews are equipped with up-to-date, satellite-connected Trimble equipment. MMS licensed surveyors certify all type of land surveys, including sophisticated drone-powered topographic studies.

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MMS typically assists our development teams by providing ALTA surveys, civil engineering design services, construction administration services, and most importantly to us, being our trusted eyes and ears in the communities we both serve.

I recommend your strong consideration of MMS for your project. They are an excellent firm that conducts themselves with professionalism and integrity. I am confident that their performance will exceed your expectations. 

John Brehm, ASLA LEED AP // Director, Site Planning // website

My family has worked with MMS Consultants for more than 30 years. My father built 23 subdivisions and countless other properties with MMS’ help. We chose MMS because the staff is honest and reliable. They know what they’re doing, and their work is accurate.


Shelly Streb-Alberts, GRI // Iowa City Realtor // Website

The capabilities displayed and rendered in our streets program by your engineers and technical personnel are some of the best I have seen. The productivity and attention to detail has been truly appreciated, as I know we could not have gathered the data and completed the planning process without your assistance and competence.



City of Anamosa, Iowa // // City Website
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