Land Development doesn't start with construction

A good plan means everything

A residential development

So, you've got some vacant land that seems about ripe for development, eh?  Unless you''re experienced, it's likely that you'll underestimate the work that needs to be done before the first shovel full is turned.

Land development starts with a thorough assessment of the land involved. It also requires a comprehensive appreciation of the intricacies presented by the surrounding land. Things like topography, drainage, soil composition and resident wildlife factor heavily when it comes to design, zoning, regulatory approvals and the type of infrastructure that needs to be included. From there, you can decide what kind of development is possible, most profitable and sustainable over the long term.

Residential development requires a capacity for considerable distributed infrastructure for things like storm water management, sewage, streets and utilities. These are things that have to be planned before any final platting can take place. The proper plan is required to secure necessary approvals prior to actual site preparation or building.

For commercial development, mapping out the best direction requires an understanding of both site-specific limitations and the subsequent maximum potential building size, taking things like parking spaces and storm water retention into account. Working with a qualified and experience professional civil engineer will give you the knowledge you need about your land's potential, help securing required approvals and permits and arriving at an overall design that will be both functional and sustainable.

If it sounds like this will take a lot of time, it certainly can. A simple survey may be done rather quickly but a workable plan and design that earns everyone's blessing can take years without proper guidance. Enlisting the help of a civil engineering firm will generally shorten timelines, reduce overall costs and keep things organized. When they’re all done, the real fun begins!

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