Announcing Partner Jim Lichty's Retirement

Jim Retirement announcement.jpgIt’s been quite the year, marked by a lot of process change and adaptation to new circumstances. In the midst of it all, we had a retirement at MMS that deserves considerable attention. That’s why we’ve waited a bit to share the news: we didn’t want it to be lost in all of the commotion. It may be only a little calmer at the moment, but we can’t wait any longer to formally thank partner Jim Lichty for his years of dedicated service.

Jim joined MMS on April 28 in 1996 as a licensed Land Surveyor with considerable experience. He quickly made an impact due to his background in all phases of construction and layout staking and surveys of all kinds. Clients recognized his considerable skills in the area of problem solving in the course of projects and turned to him for reliable answers that would keep things moving.

Jim was instrumental in directing the growth of the MMS survey department after he took over its leadership when MMS founder Bob Mickelson retired. Jim embraced and understood the potential of technological advances coming to the field and did a terrific job keeping both equipment and staff skills up to date. He was an early proponent of drones in the field and spearheaded their addition to the MMS toolbox.

Jim was also a huge advocate of education and dedicated considerable time to area programs training the surveyors and engineers of the future. He worked closely with Black Hawk Community College, the University of Iowa Engineering Department and others to share what he had learned. It was an effort we also saw in-house as Jim mentored junior employees, guiding them through the licensing process and teaching them the skills required to succeed in the field.

Jim was also generous with his personal time. He was an avid biker who not only rode for his own enjoyment but also to raise funds for a number of worthy projects.

We will miss Jim, to be sure. We all wish him well as he enjoys his well-earned retirement in Texas. (We suspect the years he spent outdoors in the winter influenced the move.)