Important Coralville Site Approval Changes


Changes Coming to Coralville Approval Timeline

Keep your Coralville projects on schedule with this important information

CV thumb.jpgThere's a big change coming to the schedule that Coralville uses to review and approve site plans. If you do work in Coralville, this will affect you and will require adjustments in the way we work together. Effective March 1, the review schedule for ALL site plans (those requiring P&Z and Council approval as well as those requiring only staff review) is changing. Once implemented, Coralville staff will only review new submittals and revisions on the first of each month. Their review and comments period will occur during the second week of each month. The minimum time required for staff review of a site plan submitted for approval is 6 weeks. The average approval will likely take 8-10 weeks. PUD site plan approval can be expected to take at least 3 months if no rezoning is required and 4 months for any project requiring rezoning. All of these timeframes assume at least one round of comments from staff. Please note that this applies to all site plans and not preliminary plats. If you have questions, please discuss this with your MMS project manager, or feel free to call Jon Marner.