Wishing you could find new kid activities?

Here are some STEM-related sites kids are enjoying

Heaven knows these are difficult times to keep kids happy, engaged and out of your hair while you try to work at home. We've polled some of the folks we know for ideas that fill the bill, and maybe provide a little learning in the process. Check them out and let us know what you think!

(Please note that MMS provides this information without endorsement or preference. Parents should always preview and approve content before allowing their children to engage online content.)



Alice is an innovative block-based programming environment that makes it easy to create animations, build interactive narratives, or program simple games in 3D. Unlike many of the puzzle-based coding applications Alice motivates learning through creative exploration. Alice is designed to teach logical and computational thinking skills, fundamental principles of programming and to be a first exposure to object-oriented programming.

Alice is used by teachers at all levels from middle schools (and sometimes even younger) to universities, in school classrooms and in after school and out of school programming, and in subjects ranging from visual arts and language arts to the fundamentals of programming and introduction to java courses.

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Science For Kids

Science for Kids is a site authored by educators in New Zealand that has links to literally hours worth of fun (and educational) activities!


Generation Genius

You'll find a broad range of video lessons for kids from the National Science Teachers Association, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Eurofins. Parents have free access to 5 videos without credit card. Full access costs parents $29.00 for a period ending August 31, 2020.

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TRY Engineering

Try your hand at one of these engaging engineering games and learn while having fun! Games for grades K-12 cover topics ranging from inventing and coding to environmental and electrical engineering.



The goal of Funology is to help parents and teachers come up with a response to "I'm bored!", whether it’s an easy recipe or craft project, or maybe an educational science experiment. Funology is a website for parents and teachers who are looking for fun activities they can do with their kids in the “real” world, away from the computer and television screens.

“Funology” is a product of Big Fish Design, located just outside of Washington, DC.



From the site: "I'm a writer, maker, and educator who's on a mission to better the world through hands-on engineering projects. "

Lance is a member of an aggregator site, instructables.com, that is a blog home for "people who like to make things." You might find that interesting on a number of levels!

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Engineer Girl

The EngineerGirl website is designed to bring national attention to the exciting opportunities that engineering represents for girls and women.  Why girls and women?  Because despite an increase in female participation in many traditionally male-dominated professions such as medicine and law, women remain grossly under-represented in engineering.   Engineering and engineers are central to the process of innovation, and innovation drives economic growth.  Diversity of thought is crucial to creativity, and by leaving women out of the process of innovation we lose a key component of diversity and stifle innovation.  We want the creative problem-solvers of tomorrow to fully represent the world's population, because they will be the ones to ensure our health, happiness, and safety in years to come.


Ask Dr. Universe

Ask Dr. Universe is a science-education project based out of Washington State University Marketing and Communications. It encourages interaction and exploration by allowing kids to ask virtually any science related question and get an answer.



eGFI is proudly brought to you by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). They are committed to promoting and enhancing efforts to improve K-12 STEM and engineering education.

eGFI evolved from the name of the first 3 editions of the magazine, Engineering, Go For It!.

Today, eGFI refers to several integrated components of the eGFI brand: the new interactive eGFI website, the 5th edition of the eGFI magazine, the teacher and student e-newsletters and eGFI poster, flash cards and kids' book.

Note: Requires the Adobe Flash plug-in



Sometimes you find resources in unexpected places; like BitIRA. Who is BitIRA?

BitIRA offers a simple, streamlined process for investors to open IRS-compliant Digital IRAs – where cryptocurrencies can be held and grown under special tax-deferred status. BitIRA has been founded by the team from Birch Gold Group, one of the nation’s leaders in helping Americans purchase physical precious metals for placement in an Individual Retirement Account. Together, our team has over 100 years of experience in placing alternative assets into IRAs, plus a fully-staffed, in-house IRA Department to do most of the heavy lifting for setting up your Digital IRA. We’ve worked with all of the large custodians of retirement accounts, like Fidelity, Edward Jones and Merrill Lynch, so we know how to get digital currencies in your retirement quickly, efficiently and safely.
Their site offers links to STEM resources for kids with special needs here.

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