Oakcrest Hill Estates

Oakcrest Hill EstatesIn Hills, Iowa, along Oak Crest Hill Road and West Main Street, lies Oakcrest Hill Estates.  Constructed in 2007 for Streb & Streb Partnership, the subdivision contains a total of 81 lots.

The subdivision has commercial, multifamily, zero and single-family lots. Seven larger lots are zoned for commercial use. There are five lots for multifamily homes and 21 zero lots. The remaining 48 lots are zoned for single-family homes.

MMS designed the final plat construction documents for Oakcrest Hill Estates. This includes the water main plans, sanitary sewer plans and other various elements.


  • Date: 2007
  • Location: Hills, Iowa
  • Client: Streb & Streb Partnership
  • Status: Complete

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