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MMS is expert at providing ALTA (American Land Title Association) Surveys required to issue property titles or mortgage insurance. ALTA surveys are deeply detailed and include property lines, real property boundaries, easements, encroachment, liens and land ownership details. Because they are so thorough, they can take weeks to complete. Beyond completely delineating ownership and the existence of any attachments, an ALTA survey details the location of fences, locations of buried sewer lines, and whether a building on a piece of land affects an easement. All of this meticulous detail is the reason that an ALTA survey is regarded as "The Ultimate Survey" when it comes to commercial land development.

ALTA surveys address virtually every potential property issue. That's why they are trusted to provided title insurance companies need to issue. Beyond on-site activities, surveyors search public records to obtain detailed information about a property during an ALTA survey. The final product of an ALTA survey is a detailed map clearly documenting all of the property's features/restrictions and potential ownership-related problems. This map is produced by our professional engineering technicians using sophisticated AutoCAD software. The map and all other relevant documents are certified by one of our Professional Licensed Surveyors and recorded.

With a comprehensive ALTA survey completed, a land purchaser will have the documentation he or she needs to obtain funding for a commercial property.


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