MMS Management
Kelly Beckler

Kelly Beckler, PE, President

Scott Pottorff
Scott Pottorff, PE, Vice President
Ron Amelon
Ron Amelon, PE, Treasurer
Jon Marner
Jon Marner, CAD Director, Secretary
Luke Newton
Luke Newton, PLA, Director
Randy Williams
Randy Williams, Director
Rick Nowotny, PLS, Director

Get to know MMS

We love to help build community.

MMS Consultants opened for business in 1975. The “MMS” in our name represents the initials of founders: Surveyor Robert Mickelson, Engineer Ron Meyer, and Landscape architect Larry Schnittjer. Success in those early years was fueled by the loyalty of a small group of clients, the partners' ability to work well together as a team and the fact that they genuinely cared about the projects they were given. That caring is reflected in the MMS logo, lovingly hand-drawn by Larry Schnittjer. We keep that logo to this day as a constant reminder of how much of themselves each of the partners put into their new venture.

The partners hired well and kept their simple approach alive, finding people who truly loved their work and had the ability to put project before ego and be part of a cohesive and collegial team. MMS has a long history of folks who simply get along, genuinely caring about their fellow workers and pitching in when we're face with large, difficult projects and tight deadlines.

We believe that's why we still have those first clients forty years later and more than 10,000 more over the years without wandering far from home. It's allowed us to complete nearly 40,000 projects in our own backyard.

There are forty of us now with an average employee tenure over 12 years. We are lead by principals Ronald Amelon, Kelly Beckler, Jim Lichty, Randy Williams, Luke Newton, Scott Pottorff,  Jon Marner, and Rick Nowotny. Each has been with MMS for most of their career and all for at least 15 years.

What We Do

  • Site Planning & Design
  • Visioning, Community Engagement
  • Construction Services
  • Land Surveys

MMS can help with everything from master planning to site design, permitting, plan approvals and final site plans. We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and budget. We provide quality design, precise documents and a full range of construction layout services to help clients achieve their goals on time and on budget.

MMS has completed more than 40,000 projects in both the public and private sectors since 1975. Our 10,000+ clients include private individuals, developers, commercial enterprises, building and infrastructure contractors, banks, attorneys, schools, counties, states and municipalities. Our civil engineering services include helping you make decisions that maximize your property’s potential, with plans and guidance that gets your project approved. With approvals in place, we also help secure the services required to bring your plan to life.

We can provide professional help with any of these tasks:

  • Municipal Consulting
  • Complete Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Subdivision Design
  • Commercial & Industrial Site Design
  • Multi-Family Site Design
  • Street & Road Design
  • Condominium Certification
  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis & Design
  • Stormwater Management (Quality & Quantity) Design
  • Wastewater Treatment Design
  • Water Supply System Design
  • NPDES permits & SWPPP plans
  • Grant Applications
  • Federal, State & Local Permit Assistance
  • Elevation Certificates
  • FEMA Letter of Map Revision

community engagement.jpgThe visioning process can be proactive or reactive. A proactive process engages community stakeholders to work toward consensus on what the community should look like and feel like in the future. By establishing shared goals, future conflicts are avoided and all can work with purpose toward the same vision. A reactive process waits until a development is proposed and begins when opposition arises. MMS is expert at helping establish a vision based on community needs and desires as well as the inherent potential in the land itself. We can use a variety of community outreach tools, from graphic and animated exhibits to websites that facilitate dialogue and collect input, help create a vision for development, and help communicate with the community to facilitate dialog and secure buy-in.

construction site.jpg

In addition to the pre-construction services like design, plans permitting and surveys, MMS is a partner you can trust when it comes to sourcing and managing your construction project, too. We know the most affordable and reliable vendors and have the experience it takes to make sure specifications are met while keeping your project on time and budget.

  • Testing and documenting quality control
  • Complete Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Subdivision Design
  • Tracking and reporting on costs during construction
  • Maintaining an organized, methodical work site
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Accurately and completely compiling a punch list
  • Regular visits to the construction site
  • Making sure payments happen on time

Wondering where your lot line is? Building something new? The MMS team includes several well-equipped survey crews that make us one of the largest land surveyors in Eastern Iowa.

  • Boundary surveys
  • Construction staking and layout
  • Preliminary surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • As-built survey
  • ALTA/ASCM land title surveys
  • Global Positioning Systems surveys
  • Easement surveys
  • Plat surveys
  • Property record research
  • Right-of-way surveys
  • Elevation certificates
  • Exhibits and legal description
  • Public land survey (Longitude and latitude determinations)
  • Expert services in property disputes

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